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Global Dynamics

Track Moderator:  Frank Austermühl (

Translation and  telecommunications; translation and the internet; translation and commerce, trade, and business; spread of ideas via translation; translation and diffusion of ideas; cultural homogenization and translation; languages and globalizing world;  global issues that intersect with translation; translation and urbanization; travel and tourism

Society and Culture

Track Moderator: Gregory Shreve (

Anthropological, ethnographic, sociological studies with a translation angle; socio-cultural effects of translation; effects of translation on social structure; role of translation in socio-cultural change; socio-cultural change mediated through technologies and translation; translation and religion; journalistic translation; ideological change; humanitarian translation

Political and Legal Directions

Track Moderator: Michael Geist (

Diplomacy; ownership of intellectual property; political speech; political issues as they intersect with translation, e.g. immigration and power relationships; migration and translation; law; legal translation; legal documents; comparative legal traditions; internet law; internet governance


Track Moderator: Sharon O’ Brien (

Translation technologies; MT-HT hybrids; post-editing; translation memory and terminology databases; standardization; protocols; voice technologies; localization; internationalization; linguistic, cultural, technical adaptation of products


Track Moderator: Minako O`Hagan (

Audio-visual translation; game localization; entertainment and translation; accessibility and translation for disabled populations with media adaptation


Track Moderator: Keiran Dunne (

Translation as work; economics of translation; organization of translation activity; workflow; machine-human workflows; types/typologies of work; quality assurance; ergonomics


Track Moderator: Maeve Olohan (

Sci-tech translation; specialized translation; medical translation; medical research translation; environment and ecology translation.


Cognitive, Behavioural, Neuroscientific Approaches
Track Moderator: Ricardo Muñoz Martín (

Cognitive, behavioral and neuro-linguistic investigations into translation processes. Contributions on these topics will be considered for TS: Cognition and Behavior (each year’s first TS issue).


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