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1: Translation, Globalization, & Communication

Track Moderator:  Frank Austermühl (

This blog is focused on the analysis of issues related to the place of translation in globalization and how translation impacts and is impacted by new communication media and technology. The focus here is on “the big picture” of translation, globalization, and technology, with a bias towards more speculative, “futurological” discussion that tries to forecast the shape of things to come.

2: Translation, Information, Culture, & Society

Track Moderator: Gregory Shreve (

This is a blog that tries to answer questions and address issues of how people accommodate and react to the changes globalization, translation, and technology precipitate. The focus here is on social change, social disruption, social accommodation, and the emergence of new cultural practices (e.g., “cloud translation”, “language grids”) or values as a result of translation activity.

3: Translation, Government, Law and Policy

Track Moderator: Michael Geist (

This is a blog focused on issues of censorship, net neutrality, and regulatory policy as they impact translation and the multilingual Internet. Also could include discussion focused on translation and government, translation and the news media, translation and majority/minority languages, translation and social power, translation and the military, and so on.

4: Translation, Computation, and Information

Track Moderator: Sharon O’ Brien (

This is a blog focused on how information technologies such as HTML, XML, markup languages, the semantic web, Web 2.0, user interfaces, software design, web graphics and multi-media can accommodate global audiences and diverse cultural and linguistic locales. The focus here (as opposed to Track #1), is on specific technologies, design models, protocols, and standards. In other words, this track is less speculative and more engineering-oriented.

5: Translation, Entertainment, and Media

Track Moderator: Minako O`Hagan (

This is a blog focused on the translation of entertainment and media, focusing especially on the issues involved in cross-cultural transmission of entertainment content (movies, television shows), but also in gaming (both console and on-line). There is room here for discussion of how voice, music, color, etc. are “translated” across cultural boundaries, for instance.

6: Translation, Commerce, and Economy

Track Moderator: Keiran Dunne (

This is a blog focused on the socio-economic impact of translation, on the language industry, and on issues of translation and cross-cultural markets and marketing.

7: Translation As An Object of Study

Track Moderator: Ricardo Muñoz Martín (

This is a blog focused on how translation is or can be studied as a psychological phenomenon (e.g., by psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience), or sociological/cultural phenomenon (studies of translators and translation agencies by sociologists, anthropologists, or others using social science methods).




Posted May 4, 2011 by Gregory Shreve

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